Adventure on Skullbone Island ( finale)

(….. Cont from part 3)

We hoped and prayed! Our prayers were answered for as we ploughed through the opening we found ourselves in a cave, herein we cowered as the men drew nearer, we were so tensed with fright that we all but forgot to breathe when one of the men came to the bushes covering the front of the cave. As he stretched out his hand to enter he was called away by one of the other men who told him that they had found tracks leading down to the beach, and they were going to investigate while the others kept on searching the area.

We melted with fear and a rush of relief, yet dared not move. We sat for a while huddled together before venturing to move any further in the cave because going back outside was at that moment not a wise option. I pulled out a box of matches from my pocket and lit one to see where we were going…we followed holding on to the wall of the cave as the match went out, I lit another trying not to make any sudden movement for we were strangers in a strange land. Halfway into the cave and just about three sticks of matches over, we heard the sounds of people talking, we stood stock still and listened….we were being followed! We put some engines under our feet as we made a straight line for where ever the cave would mouth out. We crawled through an opening and came upon probably the world’s largest gangster’s and smuggler’s organization annual meeting! For there crowded in the cave were some of the meanest looking, toughest, weather-worn, hardened set of men that exists only in your scariest nightmare! We froze in our positions, eyes widening in consternation! For we now wondered what our fate would be? Seeing that we now had become the uninvited flies who had entered the spider’s parlour!

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Our bodily activities were shutting down automatically, our hearts had by then ceased to function and our mind just took the opportunity to have a vacation because we could not even think as to what would happen next, and we weren’t allowed to anywhere almost, for we heard the sounds of shuffling feet behind us. With speed the bodily functions sensing danger, responded and in a half turn to face the approaching danger, our bodies were also moving forward to go head on into the greater danger! We ran toward the startled men who parted in shock like the red sea, so giving us a few minutes of further escape before realization hit them like a bucket of icy water and big strong arms and hardset faces men tried to grab futilely at us whom suddenly seemed to developed the speed of the cheetah and the agility of the monkey in shaking our predators off and making headway through the throng, we scrambled over men falling in their attempt to apprehend us. After their first initial surprise…were we overjoyed at out success?..Hooray for us!! But it was short-lived for when we were about two metres away from freedom, it rained on our parade, in the form of a huge, burly, mountain of a man, who just stepped out of nowhere and into whom we ran head on! The collision was fatal! For us! We bounced off of him as if we were rubber balls, he did not even budge one-tenth of an inch! We laid there dazed and were immediately pounced upon by men whom suddenly acquired feline proportions and were desirious of seeing the fatal demise of us helpless rats!

We were almost quartered by angry men who were all shouting in confusion. We were picked up and shaken violently that we thought all of our bones and teeth came loose. Just about the time we figured we were going to die, we heard a booming voice rang out ordering everyone to stand where they were, also to release us, for the entire island was surrounded by police!!
We staggered on wobbly legs toward the speaker as the men made free an opening for us. We later learnt after the arrest of eighty-five notorious criminals, that the others after not seeing us returned to the camping site, went in search and came across a few men who did not quite fit in with the surroundings and fearing for our lives, they contacted the coast guards, after capturing two of the men and hog tying them. The coast guards in turn contacted the local police and here they were just in time to save our lives. After the authorities left with their captives we were left to spend our last two days on Skull Bone Island. The night passed without incident as also the following day in which we had all the time to bask and swim in the clear sea water, eat fruits and relax lazily under the lofty, shady branches of the tall trees that gracefully sheltered us, and chat around the fire,that herald our last evening as we watched the world turned orange, then mingled vermillion and pink that blended into a kaleidoscopic view that only those in tune with nature could enjoy to its fullest for after watching such a scene, it would leave one breathless, just for the sheer magnificent, blissful beauty!! Another night passed peacefully and the dawn of our last day gave birth to a wonderful day. While packing our tents and bags, we couldn’t help but wonder what strange adventure lay next in store for us and where? Little did we know that we would be “Trapped between a rock and the devil’s tide.” Soon enough.

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As the boat moved away from Skull Bone Island I glanced back in time to see the reflection of sunlight on a mirror, I am sure! I spun around to tell the others but as I opened my mouth Giovanni, Teshawn and Cece all pounced on me and pushed me to the bottom of the boat and Gianni throttled the engine to its fullest, so leaving Skull Bone Island far behind with whatever mystery was still there and headed for the safety of our ghost house.


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Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.