Adventure on Skullbone Island (pt 2)

(cont from part 1)

What seemed like minutes but was really hours according to my watch, I awoke with a start by the sound of a motor, I sat up when I heard talking, I touched Shannon and she responded by holding my hand to show me that she was awake. As we listened we distinctly heard voices and a heavy thud then a gruff muffled voice of admonishment, we were about to investigate but silence once again prevaded, we stayed awake for a little while listening for any further sounds, when none came we eventually fell asleep.

The new dawn brought us all out of our tents, we washed up and prepared breakfast then asked the others if they had heard anything during the night, they all answered in the negative and told us that we must have been dreaming. We shrugged it off and as the sun came peeping from behind the clouds like an inquisitive child venturing one step at a time, we decided to all go for a swim in the sea that was brightly glistening like a mirror. We were having a ball when we realized that if we did not get out of the water and the sun, we would all soon be crisp enough to break. While heading back to camp some of the boys said that they would go explore the bushes to see what kind of fruit trees grew there.

ivan mityaev skull front - Adventure on Skullbone Island (pt 2)

For the want of something better to do Shangyne, Shannon and I went along with Giovanni, Gianni and Shaqwan while Cece, Toya, Shelby and Petal stayed behind with Chavince and Teshawn. We found mangoes, cashews, guavas, bananas and plums all ripe and in full bloom just sitting on the trees waiting to be picked so we obliged; after putting aside for the others, we ate our fill then found a nice, clear, shady spot under two large leafy mango trees that had no fruits and laid down to relax and enjoy the bird orchestra that was being presented by nature in the raw for us. We must have dozed off, for when we opened our eyes we only saw Gianni and Shaqwan who were fast asleep. We woke them up and asked if they knew where the others were, but they didn’t either.

We were all thirsty and decided to follow the sound of a stream we heard trickling a little further off. When we arrived the others were all there, we drank from the cool water and agreed to return to camp. The boys challenged us girls to see who would firstly return to camp choosing different paths. Challenged accepted Shangyne, Shannon and I,(Cheyenne) went our separate ways while the younger girls went along with the boys. Through a maze of bushes we ploughed until we came upon a track that probably was used by animals long before, who, maybe, swam away to better oord or died of boredom!

We pushed our way through some dense foliage and stopped dead in our tracks as we came face to face with some very rough, weathered-beaten figures who were as surprised to see us as we were to see them. We were grabbed before we could make a run for it and expertly gagged and had our hands tied behind our backs. We were in a fine mess now and all that was left for us to do was pray! The men stared at us through blood shot eyes, each one with a different kind of expression on his face but none of them was comforting to us……..

to be continued….


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Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.