Adventure on Skullbone Island (pt 3)

…..Cont from part 2

One of the men had a long bushy beard and was obviously the leader of the group of men, for he barked out an order that was immediately obeyed by three of the men who roughly grabbed us and pushed us along the thick undergrowth until we came to some overhanging rock, which mouthed out into caves, one of which we were unceremoniously pushed into followed by the men. We weren’t given any time to orientate but had to trudge along as we were prodded and pushed by rough hands. We walked for maybe ten minutes in the dark,….no problem for the men who seemed to know the way as by chart vision,.. then we came out into a larger cave brightly lit by hanging lanterns and moderately furnished.

On one of the chairs sat the exact replica of the bearded man whom we had seen outside, only this one beard was neatly trimmed. They spoke in a strange language and then the man with the trimmed, neat appearance said in perfect english, “I am sorry for the inconvenience, but you’ll have to stay here as our guest until we leave this island, we’ll notify the authorities so that they can rescue you after we’re gone, in about a week or so…take them to the other room.” In the same breath to the men who were holding us. We were aghast! What would happen to us? Would the others come searching for us and be caught also? We were led and pushed into a dimly lit cave hardly big enough to hold two people, let alone three…before we could even grumbled a sound, the door was slammed shut in our faces! We listened to the receding footsteps and tried to talk and figure out a way of escape so as to warn the others, but it was difficult talking with gagged mouths, so I stooped behind Shannon and she loosened my gag, and did the same for Shangyne and I for her, then I tried to bite through the knots that bounded her hands, it was difficult work but perseverance paid off in the long run, for after, perhaps fifteen minutes and bruised and blistered gums and lips, she was finally free. She wasted no time in untying me and Shangyne…as we sat rubbing circulation back into our hands for a few minutes, we contemplated our dilemma and asked ourselves what the others were doing at that moment?

ivan mityaev skull front - Adventure on Skullbone Island   (pt 3)

We tried to orientate ourselves within the little space. In one of the walls there was a little opening hewd out of the rock to let light and fresh air in, the door was made of solid mahogany wood so we had no means of escape! There was no getting of any message to the others. Holding one another closely, squeezed together we apparently dozed off, for we were awakened with a start when we heard a tapping sound by the opening and saw a bird pecking at the stone and miraculously it was breaking away! Filled with renewed hope we charged over to the opening and felt around as the bird flew away startled by the sudden rush of human flurry that disturbed it, Shangyne took out a pocket knife from her jeans and we took turns widening the hole, we worked for what seemed like weeks but was in reality an hour and a half, we were very tired but did not want to stop, we regenerated ourselves with the thought that freesom was on the other side of that wall, so with every chip of rock that fell, we could taste the freedom on our lips and relish the refreshing breeze on our faces.

We rested a while to pray once more, then continued working harder and faster taking turns until the hole was large enough for one person to pass freely through. Shangyne climbed out, followed by Shannon, then I started after them. I was halfway through the opening when the door opened and with a start that would do any sprinter justice, the guy bound across the room and grabbed my foot!…. I kicked out at him and muffled a scream, landing a bull’s eye….where I did not know nor cared, for with a yelp of pain he let go of my foot and within half the time it took to blink, I was outside with the others doing the world’s fastest sprint ever in an unknown undergrowth, behind us we heard men shouting, alarm had been sounded and as some of them charged after us we made for thicker undergrowth………

to be continued…

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Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.

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