BEWARE (finale)

(cont from  part 3 ,pt 2, pt 1)

Tears were streaming from my eyes as I watched Liberty sitting in front of me, tied up, awaiting the bullet that I was about to put into his head. I cried hysterically while looking at him with such disappointment in my eyes. “Damn, Liberty. I trusted you. You made it seemed like you cared for my sister, like you loved her! The whole, time you was down with the nigga that murdered her. For that, I can’t fuck with you no more”, I said through tears and clenched teeth. It pained me so much to kill Liberty, a man I’d grown to love as my brother. Was I my brother’s keeper? Hell yes, I was, but when my brother crosses me, that’s where it ends. “Fuck you, Alex. Fake bitch! You fuckin the nigga, so what makes you any better than me? If you wanna kill me, pull the trigger! I ain’t begging nobody for my life, show me you got heart”, Liberty said as I raised my gun to his head, cocked and loaded. I laughed as all my compassion flew out the window, “It ain’t no pussy in my heart, Lib. I thought you knew that.” BOOM! My gun went off, firing a single shot into his forehead before I kicked the chair on the ground that was holding his lifeless body. I stood over him, smiling, before placing a kiss upon his forehead. “I love you, Lib. See you in hell.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had done the whole drive home. Lib was my best friend, my brother, but I felt like he made a fool out of me. I didn’t wanna go home because all I would do was end up crying again, getting sloppy drunk, or too high just to clear my head, so I went to Kel’s house. I put my key in the lock and entered the house to find him sitting in the living room, staring into space. Before I could say anything, I felt a hard slap across the face before I fell to the floor, the room spinning 100 miles a minute. Kel stood over me with his gun in my face. “Bitch thought I wasn’t gonna find out, huh? I should splatter your shit all over this fuckin floor! I loved you, I trusted you”, he said with the most screwed face I’d ever seen. For the first time in my life, I was afraid. “I’m not gone kill you, though. Just get the fuck up, get everything you left here, and get the fuck out of my spot.” I couldn’t contain it anymore, as I broke down into tears and fell over onto his chest.

beware11 - BEWARE (finale)

“I’m sorry, Kel. I truly am. I wanted to tell you, I tried to tell you the truth, but everytime I looked at you, I couldn’t. I fell in love with you and I wasn’t supposed to, then when you took my virginity, I knew it was real. Please”, I said as I looked into his eyes and noticed a glint of sadness- and anger. “Why, Alex? Was this your idea of a sick ass game or something?”, he asked, obviously hurt. “No. You killed my sister. You killed Ava. In the middle of a robbery”, I replied. His face dropped as if his whole world came crashing down. In an instant, He grabbed me tight. “I’m so sorry, baby. I didn’t know. Why didn’t you tell me?” I couldn’t say anything, I just cried instead. I knew I had hit his soft spot, and watched as he put his gun away. I quickly grabbed mine from my waist and pointed it at his head. “See, Kel, I see you don’t really know me or know the rules of the game. You think this shit is sweet? Nah, I have to do this. I just hate that we ended up falling for each other in the process”, I said as he fell to his knees in front of me. “So after all we’ve been through, this is what it’s come down to? I trusted you, you scandalous bitch! Man, I fell for you. I wanted to marry you. Come on Alex”, was all I heard before I pulled the trigger, letting off two shots that silenced the room, and Kel, forever. “See you in the afterlife”, I said as I turned and walked away, not looking back.

I quickly jumped from my sleep as I looked over at Kel, who was just waking up in the chair beside my hospital bed. I looked around and saw Ava, Liberty, King, and the whole gang as I wiped my eyes and smiled. “What happened to me?”, I asked as the room fell silent. Ava looked at me. “You don’t remember?”, she asked as I shook my head. I then looked over at King before he spoke up. “You got shot in the middle of a robbery gone wrong. Don’t worry, its already been handled. I just thank God that you made it out alive.” An uneasy feeling came over me as I recalled the dream I had just had. How could I dream that Ava was murdered if I was the one who was near death? My mind was cleared of all thoughts when Kel got up and kissed me. “Welcome back, baby girl. I was here everyday, every minute, every second, and I’m not going anywhere.”


So, you see, I left that dangerous life behind months ago. I realized I had a whole life ahead, a husband, a wonderful family, and much more to live for. I stopped robbing and got a real 9 to 5. That dream was just a reminder on why I shouldn’t go back to my past life. But, You’ll never know when I might strike again, so  BEWARE.



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