“So after all we’ve been through, this is what it’s come down to? I trusted you, you scandalous bitch!”, was all I heard before I pulled the trigger, letting off two shots that silenced the room, and my victim, forever. “See you in the afterlife”, I said as I turned and walked away, not looking back. Let’s start at the beginning.

My name? Alex. My age? 19 years young. Two months before that incident, I was a heartless ass woman. My job as a murder-for-hire hit-man required a cold heart and a black soul, or else you’d be eaten alive. I’d grown to love my job because there was nothing more pleasing to the ear than hearing a grown ass man crying and pleading for his life. That shit is what I live for. Growing up being the daughter of the biggest kingpin in Harlem, you’d think I had it all, right? Wrong. I had to make my own way, and I was fully groomed into the woman I am today by the age of 17. I caught my first body when I was 15, witnessed someone get their brains blown out at 10. It was then that I realized the rules of this world: kill or be killed.

beware - BEWARE (Pt 1)

I chose to kill, although I almost met my match two months ago in a robbery gone wrong; A robbery that left my older sister, Ava, dead, and me looking for the nigga that took her life. “Ava’s gone, Alex. They did all they could do, but she lost too much blood”, King, my dad, said, The words registered slowly into my brain as I dropped to my knees, screaming in agony, pictures of my sister laying there with a hole in her head and chest flooding my mind. I felt guilty because I could’ve stayed and prevented it, but she told me not to. Before long, the silence in the room turned into sniffles, then full blown cries. I looked over at Liberty, one of the niggas from our crew, as his eyes was filled with rage. He was in love with Ava; they were each other’s first everything. The thought that he wasn’t there to protect her ate him up on the inside. I shook my head before jumping to my feet, going to the mirror to straighten my hair and get myself together. “I’m going to the casino to check in on some shit. King, I’ll be back”, I said to my dad before exiting.

I had to clear my head. As I entered the casino doors, I was greeted by all of the workers my dad had hired. I swear they worship that nigga like he’s God, himself. I greeted them back as I went over to the poker table to make a deal or two. As I rolled the dice, I noticed a light-skinned nigga with a gold grill in his mouth watching my every move. He was tall, had light brown eyes, and a head full of waves that would make you sea sick. After watching me watch him, he finally approached me, looking like a petty corner hustler. I couldn’t do shit with that. “How you doing, beautiful?”, he asked me. I looked him up and down before replying, “I’m fine, and yourself?” He smiled at me. “Good, can’t complain.” After ducking off into the VIP section and talking to him for hours, he gave me his number, “Save it under Kel”, he said before he got up and turned to leave. As the light reflected onto his face, I was quickly alerted as my mind spun. It was HIM, the nigga that killed my sister. The nigga whose head I wanted on a platter. I was tempted to pull my gun and take his head off right then, but I had to play it smart. “This should be fun”, I thought as I locked his number and came up with my next master plan.



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