BEWARE (pt 2)

(Cont from pt 1)

I woke up the next morning, hung-over as hell and still dazed by my encounter last night. I got up, brushed my teeth, and headed down the stairs, where I found Liberty and the rest of my crew sitting at the kitchen bar. “Lib, I got some mad crazy shit to tell you that’s gonna blow your mind”, I yelled while grabbing a box of OJ out of the fridge. “What’s Up, Alex?”, he said, still yawning from a lack of sleep. I pulled out my phone and showed him Kel’s number. “This nigga gave me his number last night”, I said, smiling. “Okay, so?” he replied. “Soooo, this is the nigga that killed Ava. I recognized his face. He didn’t know who I was because Ava and I always wear masks when we did a job. He’s an easy target. Liberty immediately pulled his gun. “Call that nigga and tell him to meet you at the house. He’ll pull up, then me and King and the rest of us gone rock his shit”, he said. I face-palmed myself. “Liberty, sit ya trigger happy ass down, I came up with a plan. Just stand down, bro”.

“Okay, pick me up at 8:00 sharp, please don’t be late. I hate late niggas”, I said with a smirk on my face. He sighed, obviously under pressure. “Bet. I’ll be there a lil early.” Kel and I had a date set up for tonight, a little scheme to set my plan into action. My clock read 7:05, so I got up and headed into the bathroom to take a shower, where I went over Ava’s murder and my plan a million times. Something was telling me I was wrong, but I didn’t give a fuck. I had come too far to turn soft now, and my heart just wasn’t set up to love nobody. By the time I got out the shower and dried off, it was 7:35 and my phone was ringing off the hook. It was text messages, all from Kel. “Damn, nigga”, I mumbled to myself. I quickly ran to my bed and threw on the outfit I had laid out, did my hair up into a top knot, slid on my heels, grabbed my purse, and was out the door. I walked outside and saw his car, an all white 2017 Audi 8, and jumped in to find him smiling and looking over me, hungrily. “You ready?”, he asked me. “Ready”, I replied.

After dinner at one of the best restaurants in Harlem, The Cecil, we went back to his place. I looked around the living room as we walked in, walking to the spot where Ava was laying. My heart shattered. “What a nice place you have here”, I said, trying to sound as if I hadn’t been there before. “Yeah, I try to maintain. It ain’t easy out here”, he said, faking a cry. I giggled. After spending an entire night with him, I found that he was actually not a bad person and he was funny as hell. “Yeah, I bet”, I replied. “What’s your real name, Alex?”, he asked me, catching me off guard. “Alexandria, why?”, I replied. He smirked, laughing at how tough I appeared. “Just trying to get to know you a lil better, that’s all. Well, my real name is Keldrick. Born and raised in Harlem, purebred”, he said, looking me in my eyes. Before long, we were toasting shots of Ciroc, smoking a joint, and laughing as if we were good friends. I was really trying not to feel that feeling in the pit of my stomach that you get when you like someone, like a kindergarten crush, but I just couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t let things get too far with him, though, because catching feelings would only complicate my plans.



After we were both tipsy and high, I noticed that it was 1:00 in the morning. I had overstayed my time limit. “Uh, Kel, I’m ready to go home now, I enjoyed this”, I said as he dropped his head. He sighed before replying, “I just don’t want the night to end yet. I’m feeling you, and I know you’re feeling me, too, Alex. Stay the night with me, and I promise I won’t even touch you without your permission.” I pondered over what to say next, though I knew that it wouldn’t hurt just to stay the night with the nigga. I mean, what is there to lose? This could help my plan more than hurt it. “Okay”, I said, as he got up and led me upstairs to his room. I laid there in Kel’s arms, no sex, no kissing, nothing. I finally fell asleep, as I felt Ava’s spirit pondering around me all night. I missed her so much, no one could ever understand the feeling. Rage and revenge is all I dreamed of.



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