Dear Little Girl (pt 2)




Friday 11th of August 2017,

Pauline Ndjoka

7, Happiness Street

Paradise (Unknown Country)

Dear little girl,

This is our daily letter, our daily moment. Sorry for disturbing you but I was thinking about you, about me, about us…

I was thinking about how it was so easy for you to hate someone, to hate yourself, to hate the world. I know nobody is perfect but even when it was not your fault, you did not understand why you felt so bad, so guilty. Why you and not them ? Then you get consumed by this anger, physically, mentally…It is like a fire that burn you slowly, very slowly, you can not think correctly. Sometimes not at all.

« I am not going to forgive, it would be a sign of weakness, I am not like that »

And I know that, darling, you are strong. That is why you need  to be in control of your mind, do not let people control you.

« So, what can I do ? »

« Just let them go, darling »

« And how am I supposed to do? »

And I am watching you with a smile, that smile that you already know. Yes, you got it. Be  stronger than they are, we are not doing it for them we are doing this for us. Then you will see, you will feel that little air of freedom, of power.

Freedom starts everywhere

Kind regards

A 22 years old’s little girl..





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