“All rise!”, The bailiff called as everyone stood to their feet. “Court is now in session. Judge Rebbeka Blake presiding. Please be seated.” I looked around as everyone sat before the judge took her seat. It was so quiet until you could hear a rat piss on cotton, except for the sniffles and cries of the defendant’s family. The judge cleared her throat before speaking. “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the State of Georgia Vs. Deetrick Alexander. Are both sides ready?”

“Ready for the people”, the district attorney said. “Ready for the defense”, I stood and spoke. My name is Asia Newsome, one of Atlanta’s finest attorneys. I take my job serious and I usually represent my clients in a decent manner. Being the youngest of my family, I knew I had to make something of myself. That’s why I worked so hard, and eventually became an attorney by the age of 26. Today, I was in court for the last day of a trial that has lasted for a little over 6 months and I was defending a 28 year old man that was on trial on trial for a murder that he did not commit. I knew he didn’t do it and if he did, there was not enough evidence to put him on the scene nor charge him.

After looking through all of my files and giving a damn good argument to both the judge and District Attorney, the jury was now in deliberation and I couldn’t wait for the verdict. A sister gotta get paid, and I knew I had represented my client damn good.

Finally, we had one as everyone in the court focused their attention on the jury. “Will the defendant please rise?”, a member of the jury stated as Deetrick stood and so did I. I could hear him taking deep breaths as I rubbed his back to reassure him. The man continued. ” We, the jury in the case of the State of Georgia Vs. Deetrick M. Alexander, finds Mr. Alexander not guilty on all counts of murder in the first degree.” There was a loud eruption of cheers in the courtroom, all from the family of the defendant, followed by cries from the victim’s family. After the judge adjourned the session, Deetrick hugged me and shook my hand, kissing it as well. “Thank you so much, Mrs. Newsome. I cannot thank you enough.” I nodded my head and smiled before gathering my things to go. I stopped by the bar for a well needed and deserved drink or two, as I was partially tired and partially overjoyed. I was always happy when I won a case, more so for my clients than myself. It was just an unexplainable feeling.

Defense Part 1 on

I sat at the bar for about 20 more minutes before I decided that it was time for me to head on home. I knew my happiness and excitement would be shattered when I got home as soon as I looked at my phone and saw 10 missed calls from my husband, so I just decided to go ahead and face the music. My husband, Brennon, and I had married straight out of high school and I thought it was love. Turns out, it wasn’t. Our relationship had been all but perfect and was very tumultuous. Sometimes. I wanted out, but I just prayed for happiness and stayed through it all. I walked in the house, tired as hell from a long ass day. “Baby!”, I yelled out. He did not answer. Instead, I caught a fist to the face as I crumpled to the ground holding my face. He picked me up by my hair, pinned me to the wall, and got into my face; I could smell the alcohol emanating from his breath. “Why the fuck didn’t you answer your phone?”, He yelled, spitting in my face. Tears streamed down my face, burning my cheek from where he had hit me. “I was out having a drink, I won my case and I was tired”, I said. He did not say anything else, but instead dropped me onto the floor. When he walked away, I gathered myself from the floor. I went into our room and started towards the bathroom to shower, but he had already beaten me to it. Since he was in the shower, I just hurriedly slipped into a t-shirt and some jeans, grabbed my keys, and quickly ran to my car before he noticed. He had gotten used to it because every time he’d beat me, I left the house. Usually, I’d go to one of my friends houses, but not tonight. I just rode around to clear my head.

I was so into my drive that I hadn’t noticed that I was gone for 4 hours; It had gone from 8:00 PM to 12:10 AM. My car alerted me that I was running low on gas as I quickly stopped at the Exxon around the corner from my house. When I stepped out of the car, my mouth was covered as my instincts quickly kicked in and I started to fight. I fought until I felt the tip of the robber’s gun press against my temple. “Give me the fuckin purse and nobody gets hurt!”, he told me. As I was about to give him my purse, voice approached behind us. “Jay, drop the fuckin gun and leave her alone”, the voice said. The mugger dropped his gun and ran the other way. “Crackhead ass nigga.” I was so shaken up until I never turned around to see who the man was that saved my life basically. I forgot all about the gas and I quickly hurried to my car as the unknown hero followed me. “Are you okay?”, he asked. I took a deep breath. “Yes, thank you. I don’t know what would’ve happened if-“, I was cut off as I looked up. It was Deetrick. I was so taken aback until I was speechless.




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