Low Maintenance Friends

Raymond Vine? Hi, I am Danny Roxton, wana be friends?

This is how their  friendship started. It was not until later that day Raymond thought to himself, wooow that was a encounter, but he was stuck already. A couple of hours hanging out with his new friend was all he needed, he was hooked . This dude seems OK he thought.

Unbeknownst to him, Danny had ulterior motives. You see, Danny was obsessed with a girl (Debbie) but she would not give him the time of the day. But, she is friends with Raymond’s sister (Kirsty). So Danny figured, his way in was through her. Any way, this is not a love story. It is more of a well matured friendship with the least hassle.

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Danny and Raymond began to hang out more and they seemed to complement each other. They also had to grow up a lot and that they did together as well. Both of them seemed to party and drink a lot. Consequently, they both gained admission into the same university and failed out in their first year together.

It is often said that friends are the family you get to choose, and these two seem to have chosen wisely. I say this because they both “grew up” around the same time. To be honest, Danny grew up roughly a year ahead of Raymond. After they failed out of their first university, both sets of parents decided the boys needed to be separated from each other. This made an instant positive impact on Danny. He made new friends and discovered his life purpose.

Typical of a good friend, Danny took it upon himself to help Raymond discover his own purpose to in life. So much so that it was Danny who encouraged Raymond to apply for post graduate studies abroad. He even wrote Raymond’s application essay for him.

Well today, they are both grown men. But living their respective lives in different state.They only manage to talk three to four times a year. But whenever there is significant news from either end, they are the first to know. Whenever there is a rising issue, they are the first to know. Because being good friends is not entirely about chit- chat. It does not mean being there for your friends  literally or physically, it means emotional and mental support.

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So, let us raise our glasses…..

To the friends we have left behind. Nine out of ten times, it is never personal. You are not the first and definitely would not be the last. We all just get to our respective destinations at different times.

To our everyday friends. Your company makes our journey bearable. We appreciate you.

Finally, here is to our low maintenance friends, the ones that love us even if we don’t talk for months. They are the real MVP’S.