Mistaken Identity

One hot day in mid September, myself ( shannon) and sister Cheyenne were walking back from a friend’s house, it being so hot we decide to walk through the woods, then along the beach making it easier to reach our home.

Had we any idea of the upcoming events to follow we’d have stayed by our friend and had our dad picked us up.

As I said we walked through the woods, when we were about halfway through, we heard the cracking of branches, I looked hurriedly around and saw a shadow disappeared behind a tree, I told Cheyenne what I saw and we started to walk faster, and whoever or whatever was following us picked up their pace also but kept in the shadows. The snapping of a branch directly above our heads caused us to look upward in time to see a man springing down bodily on us!

I pushed Cheyenne to one side and tried to run but my muscles failed me, I screamed to Cheyenne to get help as I saw her disappeared behind a tree, the last thing I remembered was someone from behind me putting a cloth with some sort of substance (which I later learned was chloroform) over my nose.


When I regained consciousness, I was in a room with hardly any proper lighting, gagged, bounded hands and feet, thrusted up in a corner like a christmas turkey! As my eyes became adjusted to the poor lighting, I tried to orientate myself with my surroundings.

Looking the room over I noticed it was bare except for an old wooden chair and a broken table in one corner and what appeared to be a bundle of rags in another. There were no windows in the room and as I was about to roll myself across the room, the door opened and a woman came in with a lantern and a wooden food tray on which a plate and cup was rested, walked over to me, then placing the tray on the ground in front of me said in a gruff voice, “eat!”

I showed her my hands that were bounded and motioned to my mouth that was gagged. She grunted something and went back outside, a couple of minutes later she returned with a heavily built man who looked like some sort of fighter; his face was square, his nose was awkwardly set and very flat as if it had been broken one too many times, his lips were thinly drawn and curved down the side of his mouth in a permanent sneer. I took one look at him and shivered; my blood ran cold…he seemed to be the kind of person who took pleasure in seeing others suffer…..

To be continued..




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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.