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Hey darling,

Do you know what ? I recently understood the difference between having and being. It is something about life’s steps, something about you, about me, about us…

We need to follow the steps, we need to understand that difference only then would we understand why. Do you remember these questions « What do you want… » , « Who are you ? ». Unfortunately, that emptiness  still lingers within you.

“Go, go away, please leave me alone, just go…please…”

I can hear you breathing, crying, screaming and I can feel your pain that is hurting you, hurting me, hurting us… I’m feeling so weak darling, so weak.

And now I am smiling, I am smiling for us darling, because I can answer to both question and you know why darling ? Because I know who we are and now I know exactly what we want……. what we need. But be careful, there remains a lot of works to be done, but do not worry darling we are on the right path. Do you feel it darling ? This space is no longer empty. We start living darling and I think they call it freedom.

Freedom, I love this word, I love how it makes me feel, it is like flying and touching the sun without burning oneself.

And you, who are you ?






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