No Brakes: Intro

Good morning, L.A. Good morning to life. I breathed a sigh of fresh air as I batted my eyes open, stretching and looking around for my glasses. “Damn”, I said to myself before feeling them atop my headboard. I slipped them on before looking around to find my boyfriend, Jason, who was still sound asleep, light snores filling the air. We had a good night for the first time in a long time, and I was living inside the moment because I knew he’d eventually fuck up. There were no arguments, no fighting, name calling, none of that. Just two strained lovers trying to enjoy themselves. Almost seemed too damn good to be true. Just as my mind spoke, his phone vibrated. I looked over at him stirring in his sleep from the vibrations, tempted as hell to grab that phone to see who could possibly be texting him at seven o’clock in the morning.

No Brakesvc - No Brakes: Intro

I couldn’t help myself as I slowly and gently slid his phone from under his palm, careful not to wake him because this nigga acts like a whole bitch about his phone. Now, they say not to go looking for trouble or you’d be guaranteed to find it, and that’s exactly what I found. This nigga. Just as I was about to open the messages to see what was being said, his voice boomed out of nowhere and scared me so bad that I almost dropped the phone on the floor. “Bitch, put my phone back where you got it from before I slap the fuck out of you. And my shit better not be cracked, or that’s coming out your funds. Nosey ass.” I did as I was told and just put it back without saying a word. I knew if I said something or challenged his order, that would be an unnecessary fight. I don’t know what changed Jason into this stranger that lay next to me. Was it the money? Had he gotten too comfortable with me? I mean, after all, we have been together 5 years but he was so different in the beginning. The only reason why I hadn’t left was the fact that I didn’t wanna start over.

I would if I had to, though, and I decided to do just that. I lay there until the afternoon sun peeked through my curtains, and until Jason got up to get ready for work. He acted as though nothing had ever happened, as he always did after he physically or verbally abused me. “Alright, baby, I’m heading out for work. I’ll see you when I get home. I love you”, he said before kissing my forehead. I nodded my head in understanding as he turned to leave. When I heard the door close and I was certain that he was gone, I pulled out my phone and checked my email for the confirmation of my apartment waiting for me in Atlanta. Just as I had hoped, it was there and I had to be moved in and settled by in the morning. With that, I rushed out of bed and started grabbing everything, stuffing it into my Chanel luggage bags. I planned on being gone before he came home to avoid confrontation. I figured I’d just write a letter after I finished packing my shit up. I decided to go on and call the airport and confirm my ticket as well. Just as I was hanging up the phone, Jason walked in the door. “Going somewhere?”…

to be continued….

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