No Brakes: Part 2

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Jason stood before me with a look of hurt on his face, mixed with resentment and confusion. “You’re leaving me, Erin?” he asked. I looked at him with a knowing look on my face, then down at my suitcases. A smirk came across my lips. “Yes, nigga”. I’m leaving you. What the fuck does it look like? I can’t keep staying here going through the shit that you put me through. Just know that I’m the best thing that you’d ever lose. He was taken aback, then spoke, I love you and you’re not leaving me. Please, I know that I haven’t been the best, but I can work on myself and get help. I pro….” I cut him off ” Bye, Jason. I have a plane to catch, I said and turned to exit before I was grabbed by the hair and snatched to the floor.

Jason put his hand around my neck and sent a burning slap across my face, busting my nose in the process. Blood seeped all over my white Dolce coat. Before he could hit me again, security burst in and pulled him off of me, giving me a chance to get my shit and run as fast as I could to catch my uber, never minding my blood stained clothes. I was more than relieved when I got settled into the car and we pulled off, heading for the airport.

After arriving at the airport and spending like 20 minutes getting checked in, I was finally aboard my LAX flight, heading for Atlanta, Georgia. I could feel the anticipation building in the pit of my stomach at how glorious my new life would be. I couldn’t wait to get settled into my new luxury apartment, find new friends, possibly find new love, continue building my brand, and kick my fuckin feet up knowing that I’m living my life to the fullest. I had never been to Atlanta and I heard there were pretty nice men here. I, personally, was a sucker for that deep southern drawl that they have. There is nothing like it. I looked out the window, just imagining. 

So caught up in my thoughts, and the conversation coming from a handsome man sitting next to me, I hadn’t even noticed that we’d arrived until the flight attendant said so. I took in the unfamiliar scenery and it was so beautiful, just like I’d thought it would be. I stepped off the plane and allowed my lungs to take in as much fresh air as I could. “Ms. Beauvais?” my driver said. I nodded my head with a smile, handing him my bags to put into the trunk. He opened my door before running around to get into the drivers seat. “How was your flight, ma-am?”, he asked me once inside the car. I looked through the mirror at him, brows raised. He was kinda ugly, but had a swag thing going on. “It was fine, thank you”, I replied before turning my attention back to the passing scenery outside my window. He kept talking, trying to start conversations, but I just turned my music up on his ass. I wasn’t even interested. If only he knew what kinda day I’d had before I made it.

I looked down at my phone and saw that I had 15 missed calls, all from Jason. Just as I went to call back, we pulled up to my complex in Buckhead. I didn’t even wait for my driver to open my door as I sprang out and ran to the elevators to find my apartment. When I arrived, I took a deep breath before unlocking the door and pushing it open. It’s like the gates of heaven opened up when I laid eyes upon this apartment in person. This mufucka was fit for a queen! White plush carpets, white and gold furniture, bamboo blinds, wooden floors in the bedrooms, vanities in the 2 bathrooms, oh my. I could go on and on. Taken aback by the beauty of my new home, I took off my shoes and slid out of my blood stained white coat and took a seat on one of the luxurious couches in the living room. Now this is what I deserved. I was starting to like Atlanta already.

to be continued…..

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