Piper, that’s what I call her. Her calmness, like the cool breeze from the river saturates my heart. She is the only woman I love. I was a young man, inexperienced in the doctrine of the sacrifices of the heart. Piper taught me how. The winds of her love carried me effortlessly, not minding the weight of my limitations. It carried me to a place where I now have an abundant capacity to reciprocate with love.

Her rhythmic speaking voice melts my heart all the time. Many years have passed. Yet, our pure genuine commitment to each other is celestial. It is the sweetest thing ever for a young man to find the one he can agree with throughout life’s seasons. I am secure in her love. Have you ever been in the presence of someone who has an aura of goodness? That is all that matters to me. Her positivity, humor, intoxicating laughter and  sound of her heels announcing her arrival at the hallway of Brentwood Community Music College.

I was born blind in Kansas City in 1972 to a Preacher and a Nurse. My parents were of little means. Yet they were very content. An attribute that isn’t common these days. They were honorable, which means they worked hard and lived within their budget. I don’t remember them being overwhelmed by any need. No, not once. They either saved up, deferred it or put a request through to heaven. This was the first option in our home. Prayer was not the last resort at all. It is a giving in a Pastor’s home I assume. Although, I thought my father was extreme sometimes.

He believed all his prayers should be answered with a “yes” from heaven. So, each year, after much travailing prayer for weeks, he will say to me “William, has your faith given you sight? Do you see that I am tall and dark and handsome just like you?” The concern for my sight was a burden on my parents. They worried about schooling, whether I will cope or not. They worried about friendship, whether I will have one or none. They worried about my self-actualization, whether I will be sufficient or not.  Nevertheless, with hope kindled in their hearts, they treated me one and the same as my six brothers.

A great liking for music, an intuitive mind and a free soul ushered me to places unimaginable. From the palaces of Princes to the museums of great nations, from the apartments of Industry Captains to the threshing floor of churches. I played the piano dexterously in a manner uncommon to men. My audience were enthralled by my music such that it prompted them to give me gifts from their treasures and store houses. Yet the thorn in my flesh; being blind, not able to appreciate the fullness of life burdened my parents and even I had a fair share. When I became independent, self-sufficient and fulfilled. He asked still “William, has your faith given you sight? Do you see that I am tall and dark and handsome just like you?”


Music is my life. It literally lights up my world with inexplicable joy. Completely immersed in the heart of every note and melody, I see through the lens of chords and harmony. Music led me to Cristina. I volunteer as Music Director at Brentwood Community Music School. I visit the school three times a week for two hours in the evening. I came in a little early one Friday in 2004, I had a meeting with the President. Whilst waiting my turn, I wondered into one of the music rooms. It was summer, I felt the freshness and light bursting through the windows. There was something magnificent about the room that day.

I played one of my favorite songs adding some jazz scales at the interlude. I like trying new sounds. Music can be interpreted as you wish. Towards the end of the second verse, I heard the recorder accompanying me in perfect symphony from the other end of the room. “That was beautiful.” I said and asked if the Piper taught at the school. Cristina introduced herself. Coincidentally, she was also waiting her turn to see the President and she came in a little earlier than scheduled. We spent the next few minutes talking about the one thing we both have in common. Music.

In little time, Cristina and I became closer companions and I asked her to be my wife. Understanding my handicap, she altered her life to accommodate mine. No, it wasn’t out of pity neither was it under duress. When you find love, love finds you. Some limitations are physical just like mine, some aren’t. When a man and a woman understand the language of love, their limitations become a mirage. Cristina became my eyes and I became her soul.

So, when he asked again “William, has your faith given you sight? Do you see that I am tall and dark and handsome just like you?” I answered “the lines are blurred Father. However, I can see with the soul of my heart. You and I are handsome because we are good men.” I love without prejudice.




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