Ruby red converse. The girl wore them that day, perfectly coordinating with the orange jacket she had slung across her shoulders. Her pants were white, which truly was a shame; they would be ruined later, that much was for sure. Her red curls, bouncing up and down on that diamond shaped head of hers. Oh, how addicting it was to just look at her. She was beautiful, and the perfect prey to stalk after.

Today, she was heading home after a long day at school. She thinks she is safe, but this girl should have thought again. If she didn’t want someone like me—someone of utmost power and strength—admiring her, then she should have taken the bus home. But no, she wanted to walk. In doing that, she had gained my full attention.

Her emerald green eyes have met with mine before, and before she looked away, she had flashed me a smile with her pearly white teeth. I knew in that moment, that I had to have her. She was perfect for me, but with wanting her came consequences. I was up at all hours of the night, plotting on how I would lure her in. I would need a getaway vehicle to drive in when I did get her. That way, we could get married immediately after she agreed to it.

If she disagreed to anything, I would kill her. No one can have her if I can’t. She’s mine, and I’ve claimed her. I want to be able to tangle those curls of hers in my hands. I want those emerald eyes to stare into mine with nothing but love, and I want those plump lips to kiss me everywhere possible. I want everything she has, and I would get it. I always get what I want.

As she walked past me again, I smirked to myself. The plan was unfolding nicely. She liked the dog I had leashed in my hand. I could tell, for every time she passed, she would steal a glance our way. It was like she already knew I wanted her. She just needed to stop, ask to pet him, and I would have her.

Within moments, she was back. Her red curls blocked the sunlight that was resting on my face while her eyes bore down at me. Her pink lips were moving through a smile, but I could not understand. It was as if she was an angel. She had a glow to her that drove me absolutely insane, and it made me want her even more. With a single shove of her soft, pale hand, I was forced back into reality.

“May I pet your dog?” She asked with that silk soft voice of hers. I shuddered at the sound, feeling myself becoming more and more aroused by the second.

“Why, of course! My name is T—Tyrese, by the way,” I said, stuttering slightly. How could I mess up? I had such a perfect speech planned out in my head, and now it was ruined! She wouldn’t find me as attractive as I find her. I mentally growled at myself, cursing all of my mistakes.

“The name’s Red. Don’t ask me how my parents came up with it, though. It had nothing to do with my hair; I know that much.”

As she bent down to pet the dog, I let go of his leash, allowing him to run free. He wasn’t mine anyway. He could go back to his owner, wherever they were. Red stood, worry etched across her face as she watched him run free.

“Oh no! Do you want me to go get—” I grabbed Red before she could finish, pulling her into the bushes behind us. She didn’t even try to squirm, nor did she make any noise.

“Please don’t be mad at me. I’ve had my eyes on you for so long, and it’s killed me to not be able to have you to myself,” I said desperately as I let her go.

Thankfully, she didn’t back away. All she did was stare at me with those big, emerald eyes. A smile played on her lips as she leaned forward slightly, continuing to stare at me. My nerves went haywire, beads of sweat dripping down my forehead. She was going to kiss me; she wanted to be with me!

Just as I closed my eyes, a sharp sting began to make its way across my throat. The oxygen that once resided within my lungs rushed out, cutting off my breathing. I felt everything in me burn, and without a second thought, I shoved my stinging eyes open.

“You should have thought about who you were stalking, baby. I’m sorry it had to end this way.”

With that, I fell back onto the ground. Blood spilled out of my throat and on to the grass below me, my breathing still not returning. It was like an impossible mission, even as I realized what had happened. The girl had tricked me! She made me fall in love with her, and then she decided to kill me. How dare she!

Black dots spotted my vision as I felt the world slipping away. How was impossible to not fall in love with someone like her? She seemed so innocent, so pure. I just wanted to love her. The girl slid the knife she used on me across her wrist once, and then she did the same to her side. She was making it look like I attacked her, like I was the bad person here. Disbelief pooled through me as I gave out one last, shuddering breath.

“Goodnight, sweet pea. When it comes to my time, I’ll see you in Hell.”




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Belle is a promising writer and part time model. She runs a bookstagram page where she posts pictures of books to support authors.
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Belle Ellrich

Belle is a promising writer and part time model. She runs a bookstagram page where she posts pictures of books to support authors.