(Cont from part 1 and 2)

I pulled at my blouse and try to rip it off, but somehow it mysteriously seemed glued to my skin! Shannon and Shangyne by then recovering from their initial fright had joined me and seeing my endeavours failing, tried to help me get rid of the blouse…but their efforts only seemed to make it worse, for as they pulled and I wriggled the blouse automatically seemed to shrink to one- third its size, squeezing the breath out of my body, just when I thought that it was over; the blouse came off as if it was made from elastic, sending Shannon and Shangyne that were pulling and me that was railing a few feet staggering, but we were given no time for repose, as from one of the walls a spurt of gooey, slippery, sticky substance covered us, and we were rooted to the spot, when we saw a very scary figure moving towards us; for what seemed like a thousand years we were glued to the spot with fear, but then our bodily functions returned and we did an opera with our voices that would have done Madam Butterfly credit!!!! As for our feet they did solo’s of their own and went in different directions only to return to themselves when they found out that they were going in opposite ways.

We bolted for where we assumed the trap door to be and came up short when we ran into a soft transparent, elastic wall that was cold and slippery, we right about turned and collided with an invisible force that seemed to lift us and placed us back into the transparent wall, that as suddenly as it had appeared, disappeared and we almost but fell through the opening of the trap door!haunted house by hellonlegs d30axnl - SPOCKVILLE HOUSE (Finale)

Shannon went down first, then Shangyne with me following right on her fingers. We went through the door opening simultaneously and ran down the corridor, whereby we found ourselves hopelessly lost! In our confused and frightened state of mind we apparently took a wrong turn and were not spared for our troubles, for as we sped down the corridor, we came to a dead end, we never knew was there; breathless, tired, cold and scared stiff, we retraced our steps but was allowed to nowhere! For coming down the corridor towards us were three scary figures moving ever so slowly and from out of thin air came the very same chilling, blood curdling scream that we heard in the attic! We were pertified! There was no way out! We were cornered! No sounds came from our throats, our mouths were stretched to its limit of large O’s and just about the time we were ready to pass out, dad said, “I see that you have already met our other friends”,
” Oh, brother!” Groaned  Shannon as she slid to the floor.
Shangyne just dropped herself to the floor.new spockville - SPOCKVILLE HOUSE (Finale)

My legs turned to rubber underneat me..and well…we all are having a tremendous time here at spookville, I mean Spockville House. Come visit us sometime, you’ll be welcomed!!!!!

You will hear from us again when we tell you how we got caught up in ‘Mistaken Identity!’



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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.