(cont from pt 2)

We are the girls that live in Spockville House with our dad and brother, Shannon, Cheyenne and Shangyne. We already told you of our ghosts house and in our previous story we told you how we met ugly and shadow. Here’s how we met the others.

One day after coming from school, Shannon, Shangyne and I (Cheyenne) decided to go explore the other parts of our house, as we made our way down a dark corridor we were reminiscing about the way things were and the people in the village, as we turned a corner of the corridor we came upon an open doorway. Someone had probably taken the door off the hinges. We passed through and entered a large room that had a small window high up in one corner and a sort of trap door that opens upward to a skyline. We were excited, “an attic!” Screeched Shangyne. “Let’s climb up and see where it leads.” Said Shannon. Full of expectation and excitement we pulled the ladder down and climbed the rungs to the top, where we came out in a very expansive mouldy smelling, sort of damp and dark space. I pulled out a flashlight from my jeans pocket, turned it on and shone the light around the space. Our hearts were beating in our throats as we climb through the opening.

new spockville - SPOCKVILLE HOUSE (pt 3)

We held each other close as we moved around looking at the items in the room. We were there for about half an hour when it dawned on us that we had been walking for quite some time and had not passed the same place twice! We felt around the wall because the light of the torch was beginning to get dim. We were going to get a new supply of batteries and return, or so we thought! As we searched for the opening of the trap door the flashlight went dead and that is when it all began!!!!!

The hairs on our head stood straight up and our blood curdled by the sound of the spine chilling scream that echoed through the attic; we stumble over one another in the dark to find the opening but weren’t given the time, for this time something cold and soft covered our faces. We screamed and tried desperately to brush whatever it was that was covering us away but to no avail. I was grabbed from behind and pushed away. I heard Shannon screamed and then the sound of a thud echoed in the now cold atmosphere of the room. I crawled over to where I dimly discern the white of Shannon’s blouse, she screamed again as I touched her, but when she heard my voice she grabbed me around my neck and held on for dear life. Shangyne crawled over and we sat like that holding each other for a few short lived minutes, no one daring to make the first move….until something wet slithered down my blouse…..then I sprang up with all the energy of a new Jack in the box, bowling Shannon and Shangyne over in the process and headed for where…I did not know nor care just as long as I could get rid of whatever it was that seemed to be sliding around inside my clothes……

To be continued……….




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Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.