This is when we were flung bodily across the room!!!!!!!

From the moment that we moved into Spockville House I just knew that everything would change our lives especially! There was an eerie feeling about the place, not only was it dreary on the outside, dark and dismal on the inside but it was also located at the very end of the village on a hill where it overlooked the entire village and surrounding valleys with a grim outlook. The back of the house was a steep drop into a valley named Death Valley, which was 275 feet deep and ended in a gorge of jagged rocks, should someone accidentally fall there, they surely would end up in Hell City!

Lastly it was very, very cheap and strangely enough the person our father bought the house from, did not want to go with us to view it! Are you following me? Father was overjoyed at having a house this secluded and inexpensive that he did not give it a second thought but signed the papers immediately and whalla….. We were the owners of Spockville House. A little about our father…, after our mom passed away, dad vowed to take care of us four children, and guard us with his life if possible. We are Giovanni, Cheyenne Shangyne, and moi…Shannon. Dad was a scientist who needed space and quietness to work and Spockville House answered both so here we were.

haunted house by hellonlegs d30axnl - SPOCKVILLE HOUSE (pt 1)

The first day that we got there, we would not have much to do for dad had hired movers, packers and cleaners to do the heavy work, so when we arrived there would not be too much left to do, or so we thought! Our first surprise on entering the house was to see our movers, packers and cleaners tied up, wide-eyed, some half naked and folded in paper packings as if ready for shipment. After we untied them they did not say one single word but all headed for the door got into the vehicle and made a hurried retreat for the road.

We went back into our new house amidst a few screeching from bats and whatever else sounds were made. We had an undisturbed night’s rest and gathered the next morning in the kitchen for breakfast, where the sinister presence of a heavy shadow hung above the table throughout the meal. After we were finished eating and cleaning up Cheyenne, Shangyne and I(Shannon) decided to go explore our new home…little did we know what was in store for us……

To be continued…….




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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.