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We first went into the basement which was very moldy smelling and extremely dark. One could stretch out a hand and still not see it. As we felt our way around Shangyne screamed and grabbed Cheyenne around her neck, “I felt something soft, wet and slippery when I stretched out my hand,” she stammered. “Well let go of Cheyenne’s neck then we’ll look together.” I said. “Does anyone by chance have anything with a light?” I queried. Cheyenne lit up her flashlight on her mobile phone and we continued on our way. About halfway through our search we came to a sudden halt when we heard a very loud screaming sound. Not waiting to find out what it was we bolted for the door, which strangely enough seemed to have  moved from where it originally was because we ran into a wall losing the phone in the process and amidst our screams and struggles to get up we heard an eerie laugh which echoed throughout the entire house. After a few minutes, I guess, we got to our feet and bravely tried to find our way once more to the door. We came upon a door minutes later, opened it and went inside the room, it was dark and smelled of mothballs, as I turned to open the door a bit wider, it slammed shut in our faces and for the love of heaven it would not budge even with our combined efforts!

That is when we were flung bodily across the room and landed on an old broken sofa. As we scrambled up we saw the creepy shadow of someone or something taking shape and heard a sinister voice say, “why are you disturbing my peace?” We made tracks around the room screaming our heads off. Just when we though that we were going to die, we saw light coming through an opening and we made for it crashing through a broken wall and running as fast as our legs could carry us. Ahead of us loomed another doorway and as we passed through it, we realized we were running blind, so out of breath, tired, frightened and hoarse we stopped to see in which part of the house we were, that was our mistake….for as we looked each other over for bruises, I felt Shangyne stiffened with fright and saw stark  fear registered on Cheyenne’s face as their eyes bulged and widened with fright……I slowly turned around and what I saw was enough to stop one’s heart from beating and turn one’s hair white! For there right behind us was a ghastly, one of the most ugliest creature that I have ever seen, stretching out its tentacles ( no other word could describe it) toward us and the thing was also floating a few inches above the ground…it was all all hideous with lumps and bumps all over its body??? Guess again…it had no body only a sort of a face and the tentacles! Wide-eyed with fear and by now bedraggled, with our hair disarrayed and probably standing on our heads, we stumbled over each other to get away from that, that….whatever thing it was.
haunted house by hellonlegs d30axnl - SPOCKVILLE HOUSE (pt 2)

We ran screaming from the passage, bowling dad over, who had heard the screams and was coming to investigate. While we lay there bodies entangled with each other…..we heard a terrifying cry which made our blood ran cold and as we looked up we saw floating ugly and probably his sinister shadow twin looming toward us. With alacrity dad was up and pulling us with him made a beeline for the back of the house where we came out on a balcony that overhung Death Valley. We froze in our tracks for there was no other way if escape but to jump to our deaths on the jagged rocks below as previous owners had probably done before us! As ugly and shadow drew closer, dad said a quick prayer and we braced ourselves for the jump when our brother, Giovanni, shouted, “stop! You guys, don’t jump!” “They are just ghosts who want to be friends with us!” “Could have fooled me!” Blurted out Shangyne. “We went through all that only to become friends with this, oh brother!” Muttered Cheyenne. “Whatever happened to a friendly smile and a ‘hi’ let’s be friends!” I spluttered.

We all live happily now with ugly, shadow, screamy, jello and scary in Spockville House. People of the village kept asking us how it was that we still lived there as if there is nothing wrong in the house? We just tell them that we are happy living there. We have a spooky party planned for this summer vacation, we have invited the entire village, you can come along too and what better place to have it???? THAT’S RIGHT… SPOOKVILLE…excuse me please, SPOCKVILLE HOUSE. See ya in tha summer. Peace out.

We do not have time to tell you now how we met screamy, jello and scary. That’s the other story!!!!
Remember to always be friendly.


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Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.