One dark, gloomy and rainy afternoon I returned from work to find the burial ground on which we lived under water, I was still grumbling as I waded through the knee-high water towards the house, wondering why my father had to take the job of watchman/caretaker on a burial ground. As I neared the house, I suddenly felt goosebumps all over my body, and climbing the stairs my thoughts went back to a week ago and the funeral they had there on the ground. Mr. Demon, they said was a very notorious, evil and a vicious man. He had been sentenced to life in prison for brutally murdering his wife, her family and his neighbours with a chainsaw. Even in prison he was cruel and practiced black magic. It eventually ‘caught’ up with him (his deeds, that is) for they found him beheaded one morning in his cell and written on the wall, ‘I WILL BE BACK FOR MY REVENGE!!’ in blood.

They did not find his head, so he was buried the same day. There was no one to mourn him except my father the undertaker and two police officials. What came to my thoughts mostly was that it was also a grim, rainy day with lightning, thunder and black clouds hanging very low. As I opened the door to the house I tried to shake the creepy feeling off of me and went about my chores as usual. My father wasn’t home as yet but I wasn’t worried because he sometimes had meetings very late into the night for the company.



After my bath I plopped down in front of the television with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of orange juice, to watch whatever show was on air. I awoke with a start and saw that the TV station had signed off the air. I looked through groggy eyes at my wristwatch and saw that it showed 2:00 A.M. I slouched to my bed and even before my head hit the pillow, was fast asleep. After what seemed like mere minutes, I awoke feeling quite hot despite the falling rain, so decided to get me a glass of cool water. I walked to the kitchen took a glass, looked at the clock on the wall and realized with distaste that it only read 3:00 A.M I filled my glass and was bringing it to my lips when I happened to glance outside and froze instantly in halfway motion…for there standing/floating outside my kitchen window was the hideous apparition of a headless thing holding a chainsaw!

My mind was frozen along with my limbs but headless had no problem with that, for with an ear deafening whir the chainsaw sprang to life and ‘it’ proceeded to redesign the kitchen by cutting a place of entrance. My feet came to life with alacrity I never had before and I bolted for the door with headless and his saw following after me. I ran down the few steps like a lightning bolt and landed in the yard with a bump, splashing water, all the time headless kept following me in an uncanny way as if he had eyes on his shoulders, brandishing his chainsaw. Dashing through and over graves I made for a mango tree that was standing to one side of the graveyard and tried climbing it. After falling in muddy water on several attempts, I finally made it (anyone who has ever tried climbing a wet, slippery tree in rain knows the trials ) but after gaining the second bough of the tree I looked down with disdain as headless proceeded once more to another profession….that of lumberjack! As the zwwww of the saw went through the trunk of the tree, it apparently did the same to my bones, for at a given moment I felt nothing except the cold fingers of death clutching at my throat, but reality came with a sudden clap of thunder and as I lay dazed spread-eagled on my back in muddy water it dawned on me that it was not really thunder but the tree falling and hitting the graves with that loud clap whereby I was thrown a few feet away, landing in my dazed position.

ZWZWZWZW a branch that was next to me went flying, had I been holding on to it I would have been extinct. Scrambling to my feet and slipping in the process but recovering myself, made a beeline for one of the open graves, I dived headlong into it without a moment for thought, as I spluttered for the depth of the water and the icy coldness I heard mr chainsaw cutting right, left and center a path in his wild search for me: after not finding me he apparently give up altogether for the graveyard once again became silent. A few minutes later I gingerly ventured from my cold, icy, wet hiding place, crawling and stepping out of the grave I turned around and came face to face…..excuse me! I came face to shoulder with Mr. hideous whose chainsaw seemed to work by him just touching it!! He made a swing at my head and I literally envied the turtle at that moment, for I saw my head rolling away and me becoming mrs headless. Somehow I must have gained the dexteriority of my envied buddy, the turtle, for I pulled my head into my shoulder and with the expertise of an acrobat I twisted my body to one side and in the same movement showed my agility of any world class sprinter as I tore off leaving mr headless momentarily stunned. It did not take him long to recover for with a growling sound that came deep down inside of him, he took off after me doing justice to the word run! I was out of breath but couldn’t stop for fear of losing my body parts, so on I pressed. I could feel my lungs bursting for want of air but Mr. Chainsaw was all bent on making me second to him and coming very close at intervals, for at a given moment I felt the breeze as the chainsaw tore at a piece of my already flimsy nightwear. I felt the heat of the chainsaw on my numb skin and begged my legs not to fail me.

I was stumbling blindly for the rain was coming in torrents now and making visibility almost zero. I panted, my breath coming in short gasps, my energy was failing and yet Mr. Chainsaw followed in an unrelentless manner as if nothing else in the world mattered but beheading me….. I dimly saw an opening between two graves and made a dash for it, the chainsaw thing swerved and made after me once again, completely at my wits end, feeling after splashing, falling, running, stumbling and dodging through water that my limbs were about to fall off and that I couldn’t go one step further….but the whirring of the chainsaw decided otherwise behind me and worked as the energizer that I needed and with an electrifying burst of energy I shot forward where I dimly discern the gate opening and made for it with the speed of a torpedo traveling at two hundred and twenty miles per minute I shot through the gate unto the road right into the path of an oncoming five hundred ton truck!!!!! But that is another story!




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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.