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As I bolted through the gates into the path of the oncoming truck I skidded to one side and as the truck bore down on me with blaring horns and blazing lights, I literally saw myself wife to the headless thing. I stood nailed to the road, hands raised in terrified gesture as the truck came closer, then above the thunderous roar of the truck I distinctly heard the whirring of the chainsaw. My feet came to life and I dropped to the ground as I heard the brakes burning the asphalt as it tried to stop before colliding with me, I felt the heat on my cold, numb body and it seemed like it took an eternity before the truck passed over me and finally ground to a screeching halt, some distance away from me. I was shaking like a tree in a hurricane. I saw the driver jumped out of the truck, visibly shaken also and started walking in my direction with a flashlight in his hands shining it under the truck and around the dark surroundings, looking I know for the frightened, skimply dressed person that probably almost caused him a heart attack and maybe even a life.

I limply lifted my arm in the air and weakly called out to him indicating I was in need of help. My spirit lifted when I saw him walking faster in my direction and relief flooded my body so that I just let myself and body go into relax mode when I realised that help was only a moment away. As he came up to me, he asked if everything was okay and what the hell was wrong with me almost causing him to kill me and who knows what else could have happened, including being dead himself. I looked furtively around and started to tell him all that I had been through so far, causing me to dart out into the streets as I did. He stared at me as if I had lost my mind and was just mumbling nonsensical words to him. He eventually asked me if there was somewhere I wanted to be, all the time watching me as if I escaped from a mental hospital! I did not blame him because had I been in his position, I would have looked at me in said manner too.

I reached out my hand for him to help me up, he hesitated for a few seconds before reaching out towards me, backed suddenly off as if he saw a ghost and took off doing a sonic jet speed leaving me on my knees on the cold, wet road, until I heard the friendly whirr of the chainsaw and realised that to survive I need to recharge my feet and instantly became the human woman flash, burning up the road as I sprinted passed the truck, barely glancing to see if the driver was already in his truck but really being more concerned with my own safety and staying alive and ahead of the whirring chainsaw.



I thought to myself that this was ever going to be printed in my memory as the longest, most terrifying memory of my life especially when I heard the saw resounding behind me….. I had no more energy to go on, my legs were failing me and my lungs were in need of repair when I heard the truck pull up next to me and the driver slowed down, leaned over and shoved open the passenger door and said, “jump in!” Which I literally did! I couldn’t breathe and was gasping air in huge gulps to pacify my aching lungs, which I felt were completely burned to cinder. I leaned back in the seat to relax my body and saw out of the corner of my eye the headless thing just sitting there grinning, this time with a mouth and familiar head!  My mouth was all set to scream when I recognized that it was Jim, one of my co-workers who had told me, after I had said that nothing can and would ever scare me because I live on a burial ground, that he was going to get even with me for a prank I had played on him.
And believe me he has accomplished just that and more being the chainsaw ghost!




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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession.Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.
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Debbie Garnette

Debbie is a teacher by profession. Her hobbies include writing, reading cooking and baking.